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Looking for help learning how to use Quadbase?

Check out our built-in help pages. Or, join our user community Google Group for discussing quadbase issues, quadbase-users.

Interested in joining the development team for Quadbase?

You're welcome to become part of the process. Quadbase is an open-source project hosted on Github. See Check out the wiki for information on how to contribute.

It is also a very good idea to join the discussion happening in our development Google Group, quadbase-dev.

Did you encounter an error on Quadbase?

If you encountered an error message or some other problem while using quadbase, we'd like to hear about it. Email the specifics of your issue to Include information about your computing setup (e.g. PC/Mac/Linux, operating system version, web browser type and version). Keep in mind our time for handling emails to this address is limited, so if your message is not related to a problem on Quadbase it may be ignored.